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Christy Towels & Bedlinen

When Queen Victoria was presented with a set of Christy towels at the Great Exhibition, she immediately ordered more and the rest was history.  Christy joys itself on having 100% cotton, extremely absorbent, quality towels.  With innovative technology that will give your new towels an elegant feeling against the skin but yet still super absorbent and, will remain softer for longer.  Anthony Ryans have a selection of Christy Towels to suit eveyone's budget and their colour scheme too!


Caring for your Christy Towels

When you decide to invest in a towel collection it is important to take time to understand the care and washing instructions.  Many suppliers including Christy put time, care and attention into creating the washing instructions on the label of the towel. By adhering to recommended washing instructions you will guarantee enjoyment from you product for years to come. Ensure that you use the recommended amount of washing detergent.  Select a gentle laundry detergent. Many modern detergents contain bleach or whitening agents. Ideally, these should not be used when washing coloured towels as they may progressively fade the colour.  Bleach will remove the colour from your Christy towels permanently. Using a detergent designed for colours will ensure your towels retain their colour for many years.  Limit the use of fabric conditioner on your towels. Whilst they give your towels a soft feel, overuse of conditioner leaves a coating on the towels and reduces the absorbency. For best results tumble dry your towels on a gentle heat. This will give your towels the softest finish.  Do not dry your bed linen for longer than necessary.

Pulled threads occur when loops catch on sharp objects. Christy towels are woven meaning that threads won’t run, so if you encounter a loose thread, simply cut it off.