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Baking with quality kitchen bakeware is a fine tradition, an excellent start to any home-baked cake is to use good quality baking equipment. As the aroma of baked food wafts slowly out the oven door, memories are created and taste buds are fuelled in preparation for another delicious feast. Anthony Ryans relishes the thought of supplying customers with a piece of kitchenware that can not only bring food to the table, but a quality cooking experience to the home as well. Read below and discover a range of bakeware that will bring a new class of cooking to your kitchen.

Prestige Inspire Bakeware

From baking cakes to roast dinners, Prestige has a wide variety of roasters and bakeware to suit every home.  You'll be absolutely spoilt for choice with their vast range of bakeware all having the style and specification you need for your home and kitchen.

Inspire bakeware proves to be the biggest selling bakeware on ShopCookware and is known to be the superior choice for bakers everywhere.  Inspire bakeware is made to last having been manufactured from heavy gauge carbon steel, allowing for excellent heat conduction and distribution. Also with the Prestige Cushion Smart interior it will ensure better browning and easier food release,  giving you for perfect results every time.

Stellar cookware produces a range of stainless steel and high grade steel that looks great and performs well, due to its inclusion of non-stick materials. Baking sheets, muffin tins, cake tins and deep pie dishes are among the many handy baking products we sell at ShopCookware.

Baking is a glorious affair that can draw everyone into the kitchen. For any celebration, it is worth noting that no meal is complete without a baked desert, such as a cake or pie. Baking is a complicated affair for some, but it can be made easier with the inclusion of these tips:

  • Never mix more or bake more than needed.
  • All ingredients must be pre-measured beforehand.
  • Use metal cups for dry ingredients, and glass cups for liquid.
  • Flour must be measured according to the recipe.
  • Preheat your oven beforehand.
  • Always use high-quality baking pans, not cheap tins which will stick to your food.
  • All ingredients should be of the highest quality and as fresh as humanly possible.

Other Brands of Bakeware

We also stock other brands of bakeware and cake tins from manufacturers such as Judge, Masterclass and many top professional manufacturers. Please fully peruse the categories and you are sure to find the perfect tin or bakeware to suit both your need and budget.