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Non Stick Cookware

Sick and tired of trying to follow that gourmet recipe only to have the food stuck to the bottom of the saucepan! Why not consider investing in a range of non stick cookware available from Anthony Ryans. Here is a list all the ranges, brands and styles of cookware we supply that is non stick. That includes cookware in the following products milk pans, 16, 18 and 20cm saucepans, stockpots and Roastware. Every kitchen should have a non stick roasting pan for creating the perfect crisp roast potato! We have non stick cookware to suit all price points from Le Creuset Toughened Non Stick cookware to the value Judge and Stellar ranges of non stick cookware. If you are looking for non stick casseroles, frying pans or woks they are listed under their respective main categories.

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Judge 14cm Non Stick Milk Pan Red JT01 Judge 14cm Non Stick Milk Pan Red JT01

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Stellar 7000 Non Stick 14CM Milkpan Stellar 7000 Non Stick 14CM Milkpan

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Taking Care of Non-Stick Cookware

First and foremost, we most know how to take care of our cookware, particularly non-stick cookware.  It might be hard to believe but we do not need to always cook on a super high heat when on a hob top, high heat and non-stick do not agree.  You can cook perfectly well on a medium to low heat on non-stick cookware.  Seasoning your pan is also very important and will improve your cooking experience.  If you can use mild detergents and gentle cleaning for your pan, when its dry simply rub a small amount of your preferred cocking oil on the pan and let it work away also, rub another bit on before cooking, before the heat hits the cookware.  Try to avoid the dishwasher, even though it might state as being dishwasher safe, the constant washing will lose years on your non-stick.  Invest in wooden, plastic or nylon topped cooking utensils.  Metal or stainless steel utensils will erode the non-stick surface.