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Pasta Pots

A pasta pot is simply a tall pot that has a specially fitted colander inserted. Unlike a steamer the colander is fitted closer to the bottom of the saucepan so that the food contents can be submerged in liquid, as opposed to steamer when the food is held above the liquid so the steam can cook it. The pasta pot is ideal for those who struggle to tilt drain liquid from cooked food; this is also handy if you have limited wrist strength due to arthritis or other similar medical issues. When the pasta or spaghetti is cooked simply turn off heat and lift up the colander insert and let the pasta drain before transferring to a bowl. This saucepan can also be used as a steamer if needed, just add enough liquid so fill the pot just below the does not come up through the colander and steam away. Finally if you remove the colander insert then you can use it as a normal stock pot.

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