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Quality Saucepans

Le Creuset cookware is world renowned; in fact the name is basically synonymous with the pinnacle of quality, and Le Creuset saucepans certainly are no exception to this widely accepted rule.

Ask any accomplished gourmet and you will soon learn that the humble saucepan is the workhorse of the kitchen. Despite the misleading name, a saucepan is not merely for making sauces, it can be used to steam vegetables, heat soups, make pilafs and conjure up creamy mashed potatoes, to name but a few of its other capabilities.



The trick is to find the saucepan that works for you. The easiest way to narrow down your options is to decide which shape best suits your needs.

The basic saucepan shapes include:

The Classic: This is the basic shape with straight sides, a round base and a flat bottom. This is an all-rounder which has various uses around the kitchen.

The Windsor: The Windsor has flared sides, a round base and a flat bottom which allows for more of the liquid to be exposed to the heat of the pan; therefore great for sauces, but not as versatile as the Classic.

The Saucier: Mainly used for the preparation of puddings, custards, rice dishes and rich sauces, the Saucier has a wide top, rounded bottom and shorter side for ready access to the liquid.

Whatever you preference, you should always ensure that the saucepan you choose feels good in your hands - not too heavy to handle, but substantial enough to take a beating. Cheaper saucepans are prone to denting, burning, warping and developing hot spots, which can greatly hamper your efforts in the kitchen. It is therefore recommended that you choose a quality product that will last.

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Stellar too have such a vast variety of ranges available.  1000 range with its bellied pot, or the 7000 with its sleekier look and draining lids.  Both 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel with heavy hot forged bases for excellent cooking performance.  Dishwasher safe and oven safe and fully suitable for cooking on induction.