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Stainless Steel Saucepans

A stainless steel pot is a modern miracle, a clean and efficient cooking tool that looks and shines as brilliant as it cooks. Stainless steel cookware is well worth the investment, and anthony Ryans has plenty of exciting goodies on offer for you. Delve into our collection and choose the stainless steel product that most suits you and your cooking needs. You can cook on any surface with stainless steel and some can even be used in the oven. Below you will find a large selection of stanless steel cookware from our top quality manufactures such as Le Creuset, Stellar, Judge, Horwoods and Prestige. In this section you will find saucpans, stockpots and steamers along with saupan sets. If its made with stainless steel its in here!
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Circulon Genesis 6 Piece Saucepan Set Circulon Genesis 6 Piece Saucepan Set

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From Le Creuset comes a high-grade, stainless steel omelette pan that is both non-stick and easy to clean. Three-ply metal has been sandwiched together to create the ultimate omelette pan. As this is a Le Creuset product, there is no heat spot - the pan will actually heat all over, ensuring that any spot is a good spot to cook on. This is a technically advanced product with an aluminium core and will work excellently on either gas or electric hobs, even induction cooking is supported! If you love this, you will fall in love with the four piece saucepan box set as it contains a 16cm and an 18cm saucepan, a 20cm deep casserole dish plus an ‘eclipse’ style frying pan. 
Browse through the rest of Anthony Ryans and discover other stainless steel products that we stock especially for the connoisseur of fine kitchenware. Nothing can be as remarkable as cooking with stainless steel cookware. The food comes to life, effectively and without error due in no small part to their efficient heat distribution.