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Every home needs a decent kitchen cutlery set; why not buy the ideal set for your kitchen from Anthony Ryans? For every budget and for every household we have the cutlery to suit your needs. Polished and presentable cutlery not only looks incredible when presented correctly, but it serves the all important use of keeping your dining requirements neat and tidy. Our cutlery also makes the ideal gift, suitable for gifting at any wedding, anniversary or celebratory event. Cutlery is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and will hold a special place in your kitchen.

Once you have the cutlery set of your dreams, one can follow these simple guidelines to ensure that it is always used correctly (these tips include some basic table manners to boot):

  • Cakes can be eaten by hand, but only if they are large enough. Small chunks must be scooped up with a cake fork.
  • When eating a watermelon at the table, use a spoon. Place the seeds in your hand and then plonk them on the side of your plate when finished.
  • Looking to keep your cutlery set incredibly shiny? Rubbing a cork on them (a real cork, not the plastic versions) will restore their lustre in no time at all. Scouring your cutlery with salt and a wet cloth is also a decent way to keep silver clean.
  • For cutlery that is to be used often, stick with stainless steel, and only bring out the best cutlery for important occasions.

The best cutlery sets can be found at Anthony Ryans. See above and decide which set best suits you. From the finest sterling silver from Villeroy & Boch cutlery, Stellar cutlery, Viners Oneida, Arthur Price to a Judge Dunster dinner set, we have the kitchen cutlery to suit you. Choose well, as the cutlery that you select will need to last for many years in any household. Choose us for the very best in kitchen utensils.

For Best Care of Cutlery..

Only ever place 18/10 stainless steel cutlery in the dishwasher, if your cutlery is not 18/10 then you must hand wash it otherwise the cutlery will corrode over time. Always Rinse off excess food stuff in advance of placing cutlery in the dishwasher. Once the cycle is over please remove cutlery from the dishwasher immediately and dry off any wet water spots and put away. Never leave just washed cutlery in the dish washer over long periods of time. To really care for your cutlery we would recommend hand washing in hot soapy water and hand dry.