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Laundry & Waste Disposal

See our range of ironing boards laundry accessories, waste disposal, trash and garbage bins here. This section will offer you a range of bins in numerous colours and finished. The products we offer here are of top quality from brands such as Brabantia, Joseph Joseph, Hahn and even Judge. Brabantia bins feature a silent soft close system and they limit garbage smells when they are closed. For best results we recommend that you use the Brabantia waste bags and ironing board covers intended for the specific product. These bags and covers are sized to match the bin or board and will fit snugly and neatly.

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Main Walton & Co. Cornish Blue Laundry Bag

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Sorting & Recycling

We are happy to know and say that Ireland is one of Europe's leaders when it comes to recycling our waste.  And thanks to brands like Hahn and Brabantia they have made it very easy for us.  Producing practical, easy to use and clean recycling bins.  Hahn’s Cubek recycle bins provide a sleek, clean and modern solution to organising your recycling. The lacquered steel looks good, sturdy and again, easy to clean.  With all doors opening simultaneously there is no guessing, all containers are easy to handle.  Brabantia’s Sort & Go collection space saving and smart solution for separating, collecting and transporting waste.  The cute 6 litre bin with stay-open lid is perfect for disposal of organic waste right on the kitchen counter.  The 12 and 16 litre is ideal for bottles, cans, packaging or anything else you want sorted. The large handle and smart grip at the bottom of every bin make emptying it easy.