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Cast Iron Woks

Cast Iron Woks are best for the serious cook who knows how to handle and care for them. Cast Iron woks are the best for creating oriental dishes perfectly, but please note you have to spend time breaking it in, almost like a new pair of shoes!. Cast iron is not a non stick surface and as such you need to spend time seasoning the wok to build up a non stick patina or a residue over time that will make the surface non stick. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to season the pan from first use. In addition, you may repeat the process as often as needed until you get the desired patina. You should not use soapy detergents or dishwash a cast iron wok. The non stick surface you have been carefully building up will be removed. After use simply clean out with a damp cloth and oil and put away. Never scrub or use abrasives. Cast iron woks wok well on all hob types including gas, induction and electric and can even be used in the oven.

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