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Cosmetic / Toiletry Luggage

Keep your cosmetics and toiletries safe and all together in their own individual bag.  A great 'go to' for popping in all you think you will need while away, and easy to grab when going through security.  Even if it’s just yourself or the whole family you will know where to look first.

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Main Go Travel Fill & Go Cabin Bottle Set

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Travel Accessories

Cosmetic and beauty cases are ideal for packing all toiletries you may need while away.  Whether you decided to go for the travel size 50ml and under or packing away larger items these bags will help to keep leaks and spills away from packed clothing, shoes, or special blankets and soft toys for the little ones.


Any liquids you may want to bring with you on board need to be under 50ml and all fit in a small size ziplock bag.

Have a look at the super clever case from Samsonite that can help with storing those toiletries and electrical items in your hand luggage, the Samsonite Smarttop.  This is a super clever case with a pocket at the top, giving you easy access to products and items you may need to have seperated while going through security.