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Upright / Spinner Luggage

Upright and spinner luggage pieces are usually cases that travel on with two wheels known as an Upright, or four wheels, a Spinner.  Spinner luggage makes your travels that bit easier with your case just gliding along with you.  Available in variety of colours and materials, soft and hard, to give you the protection you need for your valuables while travelling.

At Anthony Ryans we aim to have the best quality luggage and travel accessories available to you at the most competitive prices.  Also with free shipping on all orders over €50.00 anywhere within Ireland. 

Upright / Spinner Luggage - Anthony Ryans Galway Ireland offer a large selection of quality Upright / Spinner Luggage throughout our online Upright / Spinner Luggage shop here.

Upright Luggage

Upright luggage is luggage that has only 2 wheels which only move forwards and backwards and an extendable handle. This luggage will be mainly checkin luggage unless its states the item is an upright cabin case. 

Spinner Luggage

Spinner luggage is luggage that has 4 wheels and moves in every direction via multi directional wheels. It also has an extendable handle. 4 wheel cabin luggage is also available in the cabin luggage category. 

Some suitcases also come in softshell and hardshell options in a variety of colours.