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Oil Cloth

See below for our selection of Oil Cloths and Table Protectors. Oil cloth is very popular with families who may have small children.  With it you can play, paint, and draw at the table without damaging your beloved surface. It can also disguise a tired table that needs replacing or upcycling. Oil cloth is also coming back into vogue to achieve chic interior design finishes seen in magazines. 

The oil cloth comes as standard width and is cut to length to order. If you have a good solid wood table it’s best to also purchase table protector to cushion the table and to absorb heat to protect the table surface below. Please note that oil cloth alone will not protect your table surface from the heat of a plate just out of the oven. Please use tablemats if you have hot plates. We also sell circular oil cloth but it is not available to buy online. We have a large selection of oil cloth instore so please call us if you would like to hear about our updated range. We also sell novelty oil cloth at Christmas time that will have your children gazing is awe at santa and his merry elves.