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Flannellette Sheets

Many of us love a warm bed to sunggle into.  So warm up your bed on those cold winter nights with some snuggly Brushed Cotton Sheets.  Brushed Cotton, often referred to as flannel, and was traditionally used in the clothing for those working outdoors helping to keep the heat in, the same applies when it comes to bedding.  Flannel sheets have a brushed nap, usually on both sides, which gives the fabric a soft, cosy feel against the skin, making it ideal for your bed during the cold months.  Made from either a plain or twill weave, the brushing process forms little cells that trap the air, but is also responsible for making the fabric so soft. Flannel sheets also have the ability to wick moisture away from the body, as it is a very absorbent material.  Often they are available in a variety of colours and prints, usually 100% cotton but composition mixes are also available.