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Prestige San Remo Cord
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Prestige San Remo Cord
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Products from Prestige

It takes a special brand to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations for 80 years.

When Meyer purchased the Prestige brand name in 1997, they knew it already had an envied position of trust in the hearts and minds of our customers.

Prestige is for the everyday cooks – they don’t create Michelin star cuisine, they just need products they can trust to give them real value for money and a lifetime of fantastic service.

Prestige’s reputation for great quality and design extends to bakeware, kitchen knives, a fantastic selection of tools & gadgets for all your food preparation needs and the famous Prestige Pressure Cooker – one of the most iconic products of its generation.

In the recent past Prestige have introduced a range of small electrical products to our assortment including kettles, toasters and innovative small counter top cooking appliances.

It’s this tradition of practical innovation which has made generations of families trust Prestige for generations…providing them with everything their busy kitchens need.

High quality, durable products.

A brand that families have trusted for nearly 80 years.

Brand assurance and guarantee.

A well loved brand.

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