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Thanks to all the LOW COST AIRLINES we are all looking for a cabin sized bag which is lightweight, durable and hassle free, this is how CabinZero came to be developed.   Accepted as carry on by all the major airlines, they are lightweight, made for carrying on your back but also comfortable enough to grab top and side handles.

Never Loose Your CabinZero Case

With built in lost and found tags ensuring your bag can be traced backed to you in the event it gets lost or even stolen.  CabinZero pieces are linked directly into the Airline's own baggage tracing system. You just need to register the tag online with as soon as you receive the bag. Your bag then has lifetime protection using this lost and found system.  Given that CabinZero is cabin size more often than not it may never leave your side.

Warranty Benefits

Every CabinZero bag comes with a 10 year warranty. If that's not enough if you go over to our Facebook page and like CabinZero then we'll automatically upgrade your warranty to 25 years.  CabinZero bags have all the space you need. With the military collection having a 44 litre capacity giving you room to fit everything you'll need on your travels.