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2 Plus Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer2 Plus Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer
Meater 2 Plus Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer
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The world's 1st smart wireless meat thermometer
MEATER is a proudly homegrown, state of the art design by teams in the United States and United Kingdom.

Introducing a cutting-edge Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer, the ultimate kitchen tool that elevates your cooking experience to new heights! Say goodbye to guesswork and overcooked meals, and hello to perfectly cooked meats, every single time.

In three simple steps you will be a master chef with this one of a kind thermometer.

Insert Meater in to your food.
Setup and select what you are cooking on the Meater app.
And cook!

Any cooker, Anywhere.
Grill, smoker, oven, pan, deep fryer, air fryer, sous vide.

Direct Heat Grilling
With Flame Guard design, the probes ambient temperature limit is 550°C. Open fire grilling, deep frying, high heat searing.

Bluetooth 5.2 Coded PHY Long Range
The latest in Bluetooth technology to give you extended range and more freedom from your grill.

Smart Temp™ Technology
Five internal sensors help you find the true lowest temperature of the meat. Knowing the lowest temp = knowing you will have perfect results.

Certified Calibration
The product is rigorously tested through a custom-designed 3-point calibration process, ensuring the most advanced and accurate measurements. Each MEATER 2 Plus comes with its very own calibration certificate

Fast Charge Technology
5 minutes for a 2 hour cook.
15 minutes for a 12 hour cook.
Not many minutes for a showstopping cook.

Pin-point Accuracy
High temperature reading resolution. Accurate to ±0.3°C. Spot on readings, spot on meals.