WT-110W Waiter's Corkscrew with Wooden HandleWT-110W Waiter's Corkscrew with Wooden Handle
WA-137 Wine PumpWA-137 Wine Pump
Le Creuset WA-137 Wine Pump
Sale price€26.00
WA-138 Set of 2 Vacum Wine Stoppers
WA-143 Aerator & Pourer
FC-110 Foil CutterFC-110 Foil Cutter
Le Creuset FC-110 Foil Cutter
Sale price€13.00
Le Creuset WA-126 Cooler Sleeve For 75CL Bottles Volcanic
Multi Measure Cocktail JiggerMulti Measure Cocktail Jigger
Le Creuset WA-126 Cooler Sleeve for 75CL Bottles Black
SW-106 Sparkling Wine StopperSW-106 Sparkling Wine Stopper
WA-142 Vitesse Wine Aerating Fountain
Silicone Covered Large Ice Cube Tray
Le Creuset WA-163 Aerator/Pourer/Stopper
Save 50%
Whiskey StonesWhiskey Stones
Galway Crystal Whiskey Stones
Sale price€19.95
Regular price€39.90
Save 50%
WT110 Metal Waiters Corkscrew
LM250 Black Lever Model & FoilcutterLM250 Black Lever Model & Foilcutter
Sparkling Wine StopperSparkling Wine Stopper
TM200 Activ Table Model Black
Le Creuset GS-600 WA Premium Set
Save 20%
Elegant Champagne/Wine CoolerElegant Champagne/Wine Cooler
Eddingtons Elegant Champagne/Wine Cooler
Sale price€120.00
Regular price€150.00
Save 20%
Barwise Lever Corkscrew
5 Piece Cocktail Tool Set
BarCraft Wrap Around Silver Wine CoolerBarCraft Wrap Around Silver Wine Cooler
Barwise Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers
Cast Crown Top Bottle Opener
Stellar Soft Touch Deluxe Corkscrew
WA-125 Drip Free PourersWA-125 Drip Free Pourers
WT130 Waiter's CorkscrewWT130 Waiter's Corkscrew
Wine Cooler Sleeve Burgundy
Wine Bottle Thermometer
Save 40%
Cavaletto 3 Piece Bar SetCavaletto 3 Piece Bar Set
Tower Cavaletto 3 Piece Bar Set
Sale price€60.00
Regular price€100.00
Save 40%
Save 30%
Cavaletto 13 Piece Cocktail SetCavaletto 13 Piece Cocktail Set
Tower Cavaletto 13 Piece Cocktail Set
Sale price€35.00
Regular price€50.00
Save 30%
SW-101 Sparkling Wine Crown
Save 39%
Le Creuset LM150 Gaia Plastic Cerise
Le Creuset LM150 Cerise Lever Model
Sale price€70.00
Regular price€115.00
Save 39%
Le Creuset Wine Opener - Everyday Activ-ball TM-200 Table Model-Teal
Acrylic Champagne Bucket With HandlesAcrylic Champagne Bucket With Handles
Barwise Waiter's FriendBarwise Waiter's Friend

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Have you ever been in the position where you were forced to break, or wrestle with, a cork because you didn’t have a proper wine opener? If so, you will realise how incredibly frustrating this can be - not mentioning how silly you can look when doing battle with a bottle of Pinot Noir. Investing in a proper bottle opener not only prevents embarrassing situations like these, it also allows you to open a fine bottle of wine without any hassle - leaving you to savour the satisfying pop at the end.

So what makes a good wine bottle opener? First, here is what you should avoid:

Openers that poke through the bottom of a cork.

Openers that compromise the integrity of the cork, causing it to break and lead to pieces of cork in the wine.

Openers that seem overly complicated to figure out and take more hands to use that a Swiss Army knife. Tools like these are meant to simplify a job, not complicate it even more.

It is pretty easy to judge if you have a proper opener, and if you don’t it is time to invest in one. There are so many new and improved models on the market that will take the hassle out of opening that great bottle of wine in no time at all. This is why the team at Anthony Ryans have gone far and wide to source only the very best openers from a variety of suppliers. The six basic types of openers are as follows:

The mounted opener: Sturdy, durable and efficient; higher price.

The rabbit-style opener: The most efficient of all the openers; moderately priced.

The pump-style opener: Pulls cork by means of a vacuum, less chance of breakage; love/hate item.

The twist-style opener: Effective and affordable; not as flashy.

The waiter-style opener/Wine key: Inexpensive, portable; requires ‘manual labour’.

Le Creuset

The Le Creuset Wine Accessory range saw the light of day in 1979, when Herbert Allen, a tool inventor for the oil industry in Texas, sat down and decided to develop a tool that would remove a cork from a bottle of wine without force, injury or embarrassment. The experiment was inspired by his wife’s ire after having a particularly frustrating experience opening a bottle of wine, and went on to revolutionise the way we open, store and present wine.

 The Le Creuset range of wine accessories includes the following products:

 Lever Models: The Lever models are the perfect accessory for the modern wine connoisseur and take the headache out of opening older vintages that may have some cork disintegration, etc.

 Cooling: The Cooler Sleeve allows you to cool your wine on the go and in style. The elastic sides and tapered top provides a snug fit; your wine cools in minutes and stays frosty for hours

Activ-ball Range: The Activ-ball range represents a new level of simplicity when it comes to opening your wine - all due to the inclusion of the unique, patented activ-ball technology. Now you can remove corks effortlessly and take the cork of the screw just as easily. All Activ-ball products come with a five year guarantee as well.

Screwpull Champagne Stopper: The champagne stopper is the perfect option for waiters/sommeliers/mere civilians who want to preserve unused champagne.

 Le Creuset Foil cutters: A simple and clever innovation designed to remove the foil crown from a wine bottle. Le Creuset foil-cutters cut with a gentle squeeze and twist, neatly and cleanly. An indispensable tool for the wine lover!