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A Little Le Creuset History

Since 1925, Le Creuset has been renowned as the colourful cookware companion in kitchens across the globe.

With a heritage rooted in expert French craftsmanship, Le Creuset is an essential tool beloved by home cooks, providing outstanding performance time after time.

Designed for everyday durability, Le Creuset offers market-leading ranges of premium, versatile cookware, bakeware, and serving ware, including the flagship

Enamelled Cast Iron range, which is still produced from the same original French foundry today.

Le Creuset takes exceptional pride in making the best quality products that bring joy to people’s lives for generations.


All time classic piece - a true kitchen essential

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A soft slate blue with grey undertones

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Cuisines of the World

Get creative in the kitchen with our speciality pieces, inspired by world cuisines and exciting innovations.


Le Creuset from Anthony Ryans

First. Finest. Favourite.

As the first in colourful cookware, the finest measure for quality and design, and the favourite for generations, Le Creuset is an enduring symbol of culinary character.

A modern classic, cast iron casseroles are the product of nearly a century of refinement. Their quality ensures memorable meals year after year, central to generations of family memories, and is also why they're backed by a reassuring Lifetime Guarantee.

Beloved for the performance it delivers and the personal statement it makes, Le Creuset cast iron cookware has been the backbone of kitchens around the world, now and for years to come. It's also a cherished heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

Expanding the ranges to have a cookware to suit everyone 3 ply stainless steel and toughened non-stick cookware was introduced. Allowing you to transform your cooking today, tomorrow, and every day due to the outstanding performance of 3-ply Stainless Steel and Toughened Non-Stick Cookware, unlocking endless possibilities and giving you the confidence to make everyday moments extraordinary.

Radiant, resilient, and easy to clean, 3-ply Stainless Steel is a beloved multi-ply range in the kitchens of leading chefs and home cooks worldwide. Its entire base-to-rim aluminium core ensures superior heat conduction to deliver a faster boil and a deep sear for maximum flavour.
Designed with details, 3-ply Stainless Steel collection includes laser-etched capacity markings, stay-cool handles & dripless pouring rims to speed up prep and cooking. Scratch-resistant and crafted for durability.

Toughened Non-Stick range is tested, trusted, and guaranteed for life.
Featuring best-ever non-stick coating that effortlessly releases food, it guarantees a lifetime of peak performance. It is effortless to clean, and its durable 6-layer construction ensures heat efficiency while being perfectly weighted for everyday use. Discover the versatility of the Le Creuset range with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for quick one-pan dishes like sweet and sour chicken or creating that delicious Saturday evening treat of steak and chips.

Heritage stoneware dishes are a kitchen essential. Whatever its shape it fits all sorts of ingredients, making it a very versatile piece for your everyday roasting, baking, marinating and serving. Easy-grip scalloped handles mean it’s safe and effortless to move around, while deep side walls bring you plenty of cooking space.

Lay a table that does your culinary creations justice, with mugs, plates, dishes, accessories and other tableware. Sip your favourite coffee, tea or infusion in style with our bright, beautiful mugs and cups. Perfect your everyday table and dinner party ‘tablescape’ with Le Creuset plates, bowls, dishes, jugs, and butter dishes.

Ease everyday kitchen tasks and meal preparation with Le Creuset's top essentials, storage and utensil jars, salt & pepper mills, kettle, and textiles.

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