Find Your Perfect Cabin Case

Catching your next flight will be a walk in the park with your new favourite cabin bag. Hop on the plane with cabin luggage that is perfect for you. Whether you need lightweight, durability or extra volume or all three we have something suited for you.



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UK-Euro Adaptor
Go Travel UK-Euro Adaptor
Sale price$10.00
Silky Sleep Mask
Go Travel Silky Sleep Mask
Sale price$15.00
UK-USA AdaptorUK-USA Adaptor
Go Travel UK-USA Adaptor
Sale price$10.00
TSA Combi Lock
Go Travel TSA Combi Lock
Sale price$14.00
Save 10%
EU-UK Adaptor
Go Travel EU-UK Adaptor
Sale price$9.00
Regular price$10.00
Save 10%
Glo LocksGlo Locks
Go Travel Glo Locks
Sale price$11.00
Ear Plugs
Go Travel Ear Plugs
Sale price$8.00